Investing in cash or cash proxies on Freetrade


Are there any exchange-traded instruments available through Freetrade which are basically like investing in cash, or a close tracker to cash?

I’d like to put some of my money in euro and US dollar while keeping it within an ISA wrapper. Cash ISAs by law can only be in sterling.

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There are two ultra short ETFs, these are short term government debt issuances. They are the closest you can get currently, they aren’t money market instruments but will have a similar return profile. Sterling and dollar only, not euro at the moment :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply Harry - I’ll take a look at those!

I really wish Freetrade would prioritise offering more instruments from the euro area. It is on our doorstep and we even have a land border with it after all.

I would imagine with the rollout to European countries the European equity coverage in the app will also increase, anyone from the team clarify this?
I’d also have thought the ultrashort € bond ETF on iShares could be added easily as a start - perhaps you should suggest it if you want it? They are quite receptive if it’s on the requested list :slight_smile:


N00b question - is there an ‘official’ way of requesting something? Requesting the iShares euro ultrashort bond ETF sounds like a very good idea indeed, and would be a logical complement to the GBP and USD versions.

Aha yes of course - there is a ‘Stock Request’ section on this forum, you would add a new topic on there, with the title being the name of the ETF and it’s ticker. Brief description on what it is and maybe a link to the website? Should be able to see the format from previous requests - if not ask @Freetrade_Team1


Here’s a explainer on how to submit stock requests: Stock Requests category reloaded: "Stock Requests & Discussions"


Added a request!


When diversifying Stocks, Bonds, Reits and Currency, what is the Currency part of the investing? Which instruments cover cash/currency investments?

Learner question :upside_down_face: