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I was disappointed not to see any of the Chinese (US listed) EV companies in this ETF but I guess that’s a regulatory thing?

I was hoping this might be a back door to getting exposure to the likes of NIO in my ISA/LISA.

SMT hold 5% NIO, of course you’d have to be happy with the rest of the holdings

Had to google that - of course the famous Scottish Mortgage Trust. I’ve not done enough research into them and the media makes it sound like they’re only successful on the back of their luck with Tesla.

Thanks for the tip!

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Considering they bought Tesla at something like $6 yeah… Tesla did them really well :smile:

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Yes please!

Give this one a little bump, otherwise more I will have to get on T212 :frowning:

Please add this !!! Looking to open my ISA with you guys but not unless I can invest in some electric vehicles etf!

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Welcome to Freetrade Community @Ymagiolo !

Any clue?
Can this be added? Is it on list to do in coming weeks?

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I just looked at the list of investments in this fund. The majority seem to be the conventional car manufacturers. There seems to be an absence of the new innovative EV companies apart from Tesla and BYD. While I understand that the new companies may not be making a profit yet it seems odd that there seems no interest at all in the dedicated EV companies. Are they still too risky?

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Kind of ridiculous this hasn’t been added yet!

I don’t believe Freetrade have added any USD denominated ETFs yet

Ah makes sense

iShares Electric Vehicles and Driving Technology UCITS ETF (ECAR)

Unfortunately, I think I’m right in saying FT doesn’t (yet) have a mechanism in place for adding London-listed securities that are traded in USD. This seems to be the stumbling block for adding MNTN, as an example. Would a battery-focused ETF like BATG or CHRG fit the bill instead?


A fair enough such a shame. Thanks though

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No worries. Hopefully it’s in the works :crossed_fingers:


This is untrue. A quick look and I can see two iShare $ ETF’s trading on the LSE that are available on Freetrade.

This ETF is UCITS compliant and theoretically could be provided. I note that the trading on this ETF is quite low and that would play a factor in deciding whether any resources should be put into including it.


Fair enough all depends on who sees the potential really love the holdings in this though