Ishares world equity index

Investment Approach

The Fund aims to achieve a return on your investment, through a combination of capital growth and income on the Fund’s assets, which reflects the return of the MSCI World Index, the Fund’s benchmark index. The Fund aims to invest as far as possible and practicable in the equity securities that make up the benchmark index.

There are no funds available on Freetrade, only shares, ETFs and investment trusts.

An alternative might be iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF (SWDA), with its aim being “to track the performance of an index composed of companies from developed countries.”


As far as I am aware the msci for which I have requested is a etf and it is in the blackrock list of etf’s. It covers, I think, 23 developed countries, holding 1500+ companies it is risk 6 for volatility with a possible payout of 13% after 5 years. Am I missing something?


Yes, the precise title of the ETF. The text and description you give are ambiguous: presumably the ETF’s title can be found on the document that you copied the original text from.

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what’s the ticker?

Having difficulty finding the ticker.

Perhaps IGWD is what you’re looking for?

This one is available on Freetrade.

Hello all, sorry for the delay getting back, I have a little information about the etf I am looking for on freetrade, The iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF, it is the world’s biggest etf. As for the ticker I cannot not find. Is this etf on freetrade?

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Yes, that’s SWDA, which @weenie mentioned.

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Thank you all and thank you for putting up with a newbie🙃

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