JPMorgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust plc - JMG

This investment trusts invests in companies based in emerging markets across the world, including China, Russia, Mexico and India.

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I can’t seem to find this on Freetrade anymore. Is it just me?

Yeah it’s not there for some reason

I’ve got JEMI

Is that the same thing

Are they JEMI now or what? :confused:

No, JMG and JEMI are two different trusts


Support is going in circle, telling me there was a stock split, bla bla bla. Can someone please ping them? Maybe I wasn’t asking the right questions. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Yeah they seem to be confusing a stock split with something else, or perhaps some backend mixup accidentally removed it. It didn’t just disappear off the market after a stock split :joy:

I expect they’ll correct it once people are back in the office. I’ve been looking at JP Morgans trusts to potentially include in 2020

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They even list them on their own investment trusts page

but no where to be found :joy:

May I know where can I find this page? Thanks.

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I have a holding in them and I can view all the details through my portfolio page but not on the Discover page. Strange!


JMG has been relisted

FYI @Ankur @kai


Why the sudden crash?

Stock split in November , 10 for 1

The chart needs to be updated to reflect that

You scared me. JMG is one of my largest holdings. Almost an Uh Oh moment.



20/21 Mid Year Report

Accelerating the Future

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Good news as fees are further reduced


You don’t really hear from him outside of the financial reports

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