Legal & General International Index Trust (LGIIA) - Unlisted Fund

Legal & General International Index Trust I Class Accumulation

What is the fund’s aim?

Aims to provide growth by tracking the capital performance of the FTSE World (ex UK) Index. Capital performance consists of the change in the share price of the companies in the index, not including any income derived from those shares (such as dividends). Aims to achieve this objective after the deduction of charges and taxation.

What does it invest in?

Invests in shares of large and medium sized companies, as measured by market capitalisation, listed on a range of world stock markets (excluding the UK), weighted by the size of those markets. Market capitalisation is the current market value of the company, calculated by multiplying the current share price by the number of shares outstanding.

How does it invest?

Passively managed, aiming to replicate the performance of the Index.

It’s a Unit Trust - not Exchange Traded.

Won’t be getting that on Freetrade anytime soon.