Lyxor MSCI Digital Economy ESG Filtered UCITS ETF (EBUY)

EBUY is a tech ETF that covers two themes that are currently very hot: (1) the digital economy and (2) ESG investing, that is, investing with environmental, social, and corporate governance priorities in mind. It’s only recently launched (March 2020) so there’s hardly any performance history; it’s a bit of a gamble on the growth of up-and-coming new technology firms, a way to tap into tech sector growth apart from the FANMAG giants. And it takes ESG criteria into account as well, aiming to invest in companies with good environmental, social, and corporate governance performance.

From their factsheet: “The index aims to represent the performance of companies expected to derive significant revenue from areas like e-commerce, digital payments, cybersecurity, social media, cloud computing, robotics, and the sharing economy… The index is filtered based on MSCI ESG Ratings, controversy scores and certain business activities, with final stock weights based on a combined score of three fundamental metrics: 1-year sales growth, Return on Invested Capital, and % sales spent on R&D and Capex. Lyxor ETFs are efficient investment vehicles listed on exchange that offer transparent, liquid and low-cost exposure to the underlying benchmark index.”