Mast Energy Podcast

Hopefully this will be on the platform soon.

I’m not sure there is any need for a new thread for this. Add it to the current discussion you started and everyone can follow in one place. It helps build interest and encourages FT to add the stock.

@sampoullain if you get 5 mins could you combine these two?

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This is the same guy / company promoting Pineapple Power which you can also find in the forum. Check it out if you haven’t already. :thinking:

Im not sure how to combine them, thought id keep them separate so it was easy for people to see.

Any future notes I will add to the stock request thread.

Me? You’ve either not read what I’ve written or go me confused.

Sorry @NeilB - The guy who is tweeting the link you posted not you.

It’s a PR company that often makes flouting statements that could be interpreted as artificially raising the share price.

I apologise I wasn’t clear that “the same guy” was in reference to the tweet, not you posting it.

EDIT: You were not the OP. I thought you were in this reply. No I didn’t mean you.


To quote Mr Patridge himself - lovely stuff!

I got in to PNPL and made out at the peak but honestly it a stock that has to have the lowest level knowledge base amongst its holders, it’s not all their fault there is no much out there.

Why people are backing this at 2 x NAV after the SPAC massacre of the last 4-6 weeks blows my mind.

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Completely and if doesn’t help when the guy tweeting is saying things that I’m sure a regulator would frown upon.

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