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I’ve got £15k spread across a lot of things:

Worst performers are ADM, RMG and SBRY it is also a pity that I bought a lot of stuff the day before the invasion of Ukraine. I was down £1k at some point, but as is said, it is time in market not time the market I’m sure RMG SBRY and ADM will continue to exist and pay dividends, so as long as they are self sustaining, I try not to worry about the loss of capital.

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I would have thought this was one of your worst performers as it’s one of mine :rofl:

Bought last summer, down 86% since the Ukraine war, cancelled divs. I’m of course clinging onto it in the hope of a recovery in the future! :pray:


I sent a small amount to it in the small window after the war started and when you could still buy on FT. Nothing big just £200, but enough that if it resums dividends in the future would be 35% of 200 for a long time. Not expecting much in the short term, but will see and if it all goes poof it is only £200.


In the investment trust sector North American Income Trust.
Present dividend about 3.5% Nothing to write home about. Average dividend increase of 9% with excellent dividend cover over 5 years. Covid dividend increase 5% cover 1.18 (118%). Last increase was only 3% with 100% dividend cover. Most US companies are heavily into buybacks during the crash they cancelled them so only one company in the portfolio reduced its dividend out of 40. They also sell covered options which were extremely profitable. They have a dividend reserve of just over one year. The change to a dividend investment trust only happened 10 years ago.
Bought on the expectation that its low (4.1% when i bought) dividend would increase to the extent that it would surpasse other companies that are presently on higher dividend. Still at a discount (5.5%). Share price increase 26% over 5 years, decent for an income Trust.

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Hi Members,

Can someone please advise me good divided shares to invest?

I have checked a few but most don’t give dividends.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi @sumankumar1982

Dividend investing is a popular method of generating revenue but it isn’t universally popular. During COVID companies that were historically popular with dividend holders such as BP & Shell cut their dividend, it’s a good reminder not to rely on them as a guaranteed source of income.

Here are two links worth reading -

@Freetrade_Team wrote this piece and while some of the % are a little old it should give you a great starting point for further investigation.

The counter point to dividend investing and discussion around them can be found on a thread from @Cameron and might be insightful.



i’m going for italian ones. Maybe you can diversify.

  • Intesa San Paolo (n1 bank)
  • Poste italiane (post)
  • Generali (n1 insurance)
  • Snam(gas)

All are wide capitalized ( for italian market).

Thanks Neil… I will have a look on those posts…

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Thanks for the information. But freetrade doesn’t list these shares.

Are you able to see them listed on freetrade?


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They are not on freetrade, that was a weird suggestion. These are also stocks that I would consider riskier than many other dividend stocks.

Google will help you find much on this topic and I daresay probably better than this forum.

I’d personally recommend investing in dividend etfs - spreading risks while still getting relatively high dividends e.g. SPDR dividend aristocrats.


As noted above I don’t believe dividends are relevant to total returns, but if I did have a preference for dividend yield I’d probably go for an ETF like WQDS. The reason for this is it filters for quality as well as yield, which should help avoid stocks paying unaffordable/unsustainable dividends.

A bit more detail on this combination of Yield & Quality here:

One of the key concerns of yield-seeking investors is reductions in dividends. Investors can therefore look for stocks that are high yielding and quality companies, which we define as corporates with high returns-on-equity and low debt-to-equity ratios.

In general if you want to invest in something like a factor it’s probably simplest to invest in that directly via an ETF rather than trying to find individual stock(s) that reflects it. This gets you the exposure you want but without the unsystematic risk of an individual stock.


There are plenty of investment trusts with good consistent dividends, my all time favourite being SAIN (I am a huge baillie gifford fan and I usually stear clear of the highly UK weighted ones like CTY). Might be worth considering and researching what suits you. This is not financial advice though.

Rio Tinto have been consistently great with dividends.


But they are not one for ethical investors…


Sadly, ethics and money making are not always best friends. Having lived down under I can’t find myself to invest in this particular company no matter the dividend which I do love usually.

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No they aren t on FT (yet) maybe when they’ll approach Italy.

As you probably know every share has an intrinsic risk.

Remember that Lehman bros was AAA…

Again, Spdr is 97% exposed on US market, my assumption was on diversify in another market that probably you don’t know.

This website shows inside the top portfolios Buys & Sells by percentage, date and stock price paid.

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Take everything i say with a pinch of salt and make sure to do your own research : the ones i have and like + went trough 10k for some of them. But not more then 1 10k per company :

  • Altria :


Dividend aristocrat, i think it is well positioned to break into cannabis sector as more USA states legalize it.


High level of debt, all their recent investments floped. Not well diversified overall as they USA mainly.

  • Kimberly Clark


It operates through three business segments: Personal Care, Consumer Tissue, and K-C Professional. Majority of their brands well know.

They make toilet paper. Enough said you always need to clean your ass.
Good dividend, and stable.


A lot of brands been undercutting them, the revenue didn’t grew for a while but the margin got better.

  • Realty income

Monthly dividend company, they real proud of it and do mention the monthly part a lot. Its a REIT. + They got brilliant tenants.

  • Kroger

Im still checking this out and only dipped my toes into it. Runs a grocery business in USA. A lot of revenue comes from gas stations they got near their shops. Just increased their dividend.

Warren Buffet bought this recently at around 33.

A big part of their revenue depends on the gas prices. Very margin dependent.

That’s the ones i got atm. There is a lot more dividend stocks im interested in but still got to do a lot of research.

Hope this helps at least a bit.


Liking the above suggestions by others so thought I would add some of mine that may not be above.

Perssimon - usually a good steady %

GSK - Has been a solid return for me.

Gladstone Capital - Nice steady monthly %

Other mentions - BP, Shell, Coke, City of London, J&J, Raytheon, Temple Bar and Tesco all offer decent dividends.

Of course not advice and always liable to change at the drop of a hat. :+1:

I’ve done OK with Insurance companies, Aviva, Admiral, L&G. Also have direct line which has declined a bit in price but the dividend is pretty big so I’m still positive total return.

Also AZN which used to be a good yield, but the share price has risen quite a lot and the dividend hasn’t so the yield is lower. I still like AZN though. I have GSK but that hasn’t done as well as AZN

I have a few utilities as well. NG, SSE energy, United Utilities.

I have BP and shell but they are well down due to the pandemic, and the dividend is smaller than it was.

I have a few others as well.

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