MEGATHREAD: Standing orders

I’ll go ahead and close the chat now, if you need any more help just send us another message and we can pick the chat up from where we left off.

Take care and enjoy your day.

^^^ what Lloyds said

Not their problem. Closing the ticket.

@MatAtFreetrade to me it is obvious that @cheok was having some fun and made his comment in jest, underlying that his serious point is the resolution is to the benefit to both parties and their customers.

He knows what’s what and anyway the relevant discussions and resolutions are underway between the two parties.

We’ve now launched this feature on iOS! Thanks for staying patient @Eden and everyone else on iOS waiting for this.


Are there news on the Lloyds front?

Lloyds have acknowledged the issue and are working on addressing it but unfortunately we don’t have any firm timeframes yet.

Hi, just checking in on the Lloyds issue. Would be good to see Standing Order payments made from a Lloyds account [into Freetrade’s Lloyds account] appearing in the Activity feed.

Perhaps given the dataset where the Activity feed is not being updated can be quantified some kind of additional manual action can be updated to create an Activity feed update until an automated process can occur?

Still not sure I understand the issue though. If the trigger to generate an Activity feed was the insertion of a row into a transaction table, and the recipient is known (so the money is allocated to the correct account) then an Activity log record would be created with every insertion. Can only assume some other trigger is being used.

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Hey @MatAtFreetrade, we are unfortunately still waiting on Lloyds to prioritise fixing the standing orders issue. It sounds like we aren’t the only ones impacted by this so we are hoping they will pick this up soon.

The result of this issue means we are having to manually allocate standing order payments that come in from Lloyds. You’re right in that it’s a different trigger making transactions show up in the Activity feed. This is why those deposits aren’t showing in your feed.

The two things we are looking at to help this are:

  1. Following up with Lloyds to try and get this fix prioritised on their end
  2. Reviewing other recurring deposits options we can provide to customers - these won’t be as easy to enable as standing orders but we’re hoping they’ll be more dependable!


Ty for the update.

Perhaps in the meantime a specific trigger could be added to the table for INSERT statements meeting appropriate criteria to plug the gap?

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s something we’ve looked at in the past and is doable but we haven’t got around to making this improvement yet. The team are busy working on a new feature for Activity feed exports at the moment (look out for that one!) but it is something we can consider once we get a better understanding from Lloyds on their timelines for the fix on their end as that really is the root cause. Appreciate you raising the suggestion as it’s always a good indicator for us when we’re prioritising features and fixes what our customers like yourselves care about.


Hi, almost a week on. Have Lloyds responded to your request to them for a better understanding on their timelines for the fix on their end as that really is the root cause?

This is a standing item we have with them which we’ve been following up on but unfortunately we still don’t have a firm timeline from them on the fix. On top of being a pain for our customers who bank with Lloyds, it’s also causing us operational issues so it’s definitely something we are continuing to push for.

I have again raised this issue with Lloyds via the phone app 24/7 support option and have been advised a ticket reference should be forthcoming.

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Sounds like you need to change banks

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Below posted to Lloyds today via the inApp message system.

Please could an update be provided on the issue with data provided to Freetrade via Standing Order (they indicate such transfers appear differently compared to Standing Orders ftom non-Lloyds clients). This difference is preventing them being able to record recept of monies from Lloyds customers in the “Activity” tab in their App. Thank you.


Hey Mat,
What was the response this time?

Below is the response from Lloyds.

----- begin response -----
Good afternoon Matthew, you are speaking with Jade. Thank you for using mobile messaging and for your patience in waiting for a reply.

The standing order is sent to the details you have provided. They will receive payment under the your name as it appears on your account.
----- end response -----

Seems the Service Desk at Lloyds are ineffectual from a customer perspective and whoever Freetrade are ralking to is also ineffectual. All in all, Lloyds seem to be putting up a good barrier to progress (be that deliberately, or via incompetence).

Unfortunately the messaging channel is more than likely not the right place to get a response. You will need a more specialised investigation that can only be gotten via a complaint by standard means.

Hey all, unfortunately I don’t have an update on the Lloyds end yet.

However, what we do now have on offer is an alternative recurring top up method: Megathread: Introducing Direct Debit - #6

While this isn’t quite the same as standing orders, we hope that those of you who have had an issue setting up standing orders find Direct Debit as suitable if not more so!