Money box

Morning all, I have had this app for a few weeks now and it’s great,
Just a suggestion, maybe it would be good to have like a money box system so if we sell our shares they can go into that rather than back into the bank account :thinking:

Wouldnt that be the ISA option they offer for £3 month or with Plus?

As I understand it, that service just rounds up your spare change and then lets you do things with it. For now, use a bank account that has some sort of “spare change” functionality - Monzo comes to mind and I believe Halifax and Lloyds also offer this - and deposit it to your :freetrade: GIA or ISA. I believe that regular deposits are coming at some point, as part of the planned Auto Pilot feature.

If you mean that :freetrade: should should have an option to reinvest profits from sales of your shares, you get that by not withdrawing the money :laughing:

No sorry, I know what Money box is, I meant like for example, I have shares In a company and want to sell them the money just goes into like a pot, as the money takes upto 3>5 days to clear into my account and its not a massive amount so would rather just reinvest it :thinking:

If you sell then it goes into your pot at present. I’ve not taken money back to my bank yet and made several sales then re-invested.

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Brilliant thanks