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:pick:Mining stock discussion :pick:

Just wondering if any experts out there can give a run down of any benefits of mining stock if you are not casting an eager eye on them long term :+1: I hadn’t looked to much into them to be honest and assumed that by looking at the value profiles and because they are rock bottom then massively spike then rock bottom again that they pay out big on finds then the price goes back down.

I read a good article on the link attached but I really value the communities opinions :+1: I am mainly thinking for my SIPP so in zero rush for the next 25 years. If I have to hover on the price being at max and sell then maybe it isn’t a great option for me but if it is standard that the stock is “bought out” at a big profit then I am happy even if it is slightly lower than the max of selling say the day before.

Of course I get the risk of nothing being found and happy with that known risk, my worry is missing the peak and being back to square one :+1:

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are you interested in junior miners or the large global miners?

I’m thinking the small risky speculative ones mainly but in general it is something I am looking at :+1: My theory is we will need lots of mining to make all the new tech so it is an interesting area especially if you don’t need gains realised soon. Just hoping for some community views.

Ah ok. I know a lot of people in the community follow Greatland Gold (GGP) closely. I think you do need a lot of time to research the junior miners and it’s probably not a buy and forget investment because of the low success rates. Investors watch these miners very closely are quick to take out their money on the back of poor results.



I’ll do a write up over the weekend but there are others on this forum like @MrChew who I’m sure can add value to this thread.


Cheers both :+1: Interesting to know. What I was thinking was the link I posted hinted that many that succeed get bought out and I assumed you get a pay day for your share but ultimately a big gain.

I guess I like a few “lottery” shares even if not huge in % portfolio but just for the motivation when they do pop up randomly but it is the part about being “bought out” or are there large dividends when they strike gold etc that I am unsure of.

I will obviously look into myself more but trust many opinions around here and also thought it handy to have a general thread on the sector :+1:

I bought VALE SA last month.
The largest producer of iron ore and nickel in the world. Vale also produces manganese, ferroalloys, copper, bauxite, potash, kaolin, and cobalt, currently operating nine hydroelectricity plants, and a large network of railroads, ships, and ports used to transport its products.

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I like listening to this guy - if you can play long with mining your due to win bigtime.

Lassonde curve is key for explorer hoping to become miners.

In terms of those worth listening to in the mining world, I’d recommend watching videos by Rick Rule - knows mining inside out and done very well from it.
I think Miles Harris is fairly subjective in his videos on gold as well.

If you’re interested in explorers for a higher risk/reward profile, start with the company website, read their RNSs and don’t get roped into the “ramping/de ramping” on various bulletin boards (looking at you LSE). You need to have conviction in your investments as it’s a bumpy road!

Very few explorers make discoveries economical to mine, even fewer last long enough/raise enough to actually mine those discoveries.

Good luck :facepunch:t3:


Could always do a bit of bitcoin mining :smiley: