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A gold mining company operating in Tasmania and Western Australia.

Pretty interesting drilling results from Greatland Gold’s Haverion site…


  • Outstanding, high-grade results from Newcrest’s drilling campaign at Havieron significantly extend zones of high-grade mineralisation to the north.

  • Step out drill hole HAD023 intersects high-grade mineralisation 300 metres north of HAD005:

  • 107m @ 2.2g/t Au from 656m, including 21m @ 10g/t Au from 665m (HAD023)

  • Newcrest has completed Stage 1 of the Farm-in Agreement (US$10 million in expenditure) and has commenced Stage 2 (additional US$10 million in expenditure).

  • Six drill rigs to remain operational during the Australian summer period (December - March), subject to adverse weather conditions, with a planned two week shutdown over Christmas.*

Anyone picked a handful of shares up?


I’m keeping an eye on these guys and will potentially look to buy in at the point when the partner company &/or funding is approved for the creation of the new mine(s). Typically, the share price should remain pretty flat up until that point and then grow rapidly when they start showing that they can get the gold (& other metals?) out of the ground and processed ready for sale.

I like the look of this, but it’s a bit early in the process for me at this point.


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I have a feeling Newcrest will just buy them up as the money starts to dry.


Who’s done their research?

I bought GGP about a month ago and I’m up over 22% :grinning:


More good news for GG.


GGP gets a mention here…

I doubled up yesterday :grinning:

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I took it up to 1% of my portfolio. I had no intention of buying this many before I started researching, I was just buying some with my change!

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Hmm I’ve been in just over a month, total £500 investment and as at todays close I’m up £120.18, 24.78%. Not complaining!


Ah that’s more then me. Too risky at this point to go in that much in my eyes!

The upside is crazy good but I always revert to Mark Twain with mines until it’s tangible.


Haha, you need to grow a pair!! :rofl:Risk, reward and all that. I’m onto this big time, research done, forums read, There’s a whale here not a ‘minnow’ as you refer… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Let’s see Wednesday… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh I know what’s there, potentially.

I’ve got more to share on this…but I can’t!

Fair enough, my DM is open, a man who can multi task is priceless!, :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Will share it when I can.

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Ominous much!

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Going to buy a bucket load today I think, as their prices are too good to pass down! (in for a penny, in for pound) Very interested to hear what info you have, as I have my theories and predictions very similar to your own.

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:clap::star2::clap::star2: What a performance :clap::star2::clap::star2:


Here’s Fool’s take on today, with quite possibly one of the most poorly researched articles I’ve ever read.