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I saw it, it’s absolute rubbish. Stupid fool! :roll_eyes:

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Update about Greatland Gold MiningMaven - The elephant in the room: How large could Greatland Gold and Newcrest Mining’s Havieron project be? (GGP, NCM)

GGP Current market cap is 143m with the Haverion money working out how much net 30% is worth to Greatland, that’s It’s probably worth 250-300m. so maybe a share price of 10p. whats your thought @anon810895 ?

Depends on how big you think Havieron is. I’d say more. I’ve written a little formula about valuing a discovery here.

Issue is with an open pit mine aisc can go as low as $650, but until you see the figures it’s essentially guesswork.

Of course thats if they can even get to mining Havieron, at <150m market cap surely someone just buys you up.

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This stock making a lot of noise here, what’s the hype?

Have a search for the deep dive. There’s more info generally there.

@anon810895 - thanks. I located someone’s deep dive, I shall read up more. Just purchased 1102 shares as a warm up.

I hope you really calculated your risk. People here seem to be massively swayed by codf’s amazing summary, but seem to totally miss that small miners are literally the riskiest stocks that exist. Sirius minerals seems not to have been a warning…


@SebReitz - yes I recognise the mining operation speculation. Like I said, my investment is a warm up on positive news. I’ll review on further analysis, and decide whether to all in. Long term, son, long term!


Although I’d put GGP just above the riskiest investment you can make.

Biopharma no product with debt
Small miner with debt
Small miner without debt
Biopharma no product without debt

All really risky, but you can shave a bit off for a debt free miner with a large conglomerate next door.


Risk is all relative.

When working for RBS I thought they were a safe investment…

Biggest loss I’ve ever suffered right there.

I’m secretly hoping Eurasia and Greatland Gold eventually make up for my RBS losses!


have you looked into Artemis Resource Limited? Which is adjacent to the GGP mining site. It’s only on the ASX at the moment, on the Paterson range. I need some more indepth research on it but looks interesting at first glance.

What’s your strategy for GGP during these markets? This is the only company I have been adding to incrementally when the price get to near 4p.

Some more positive media today.

@Taza my personal strategy is to keep topping up here and there around the 4-4.3p mark. Results are due at the end of the month and I’m hoping they will be well received by the markets. Long term I’m holding pending the Haverion MRE later this year to allow a proper valuation of the site and then figure out whether to take my gains or wait for any potential buy out. Happy to wait a while for this one.


All time high today I think today, 7p. Great news.


Definitely my top performing stock and very happy it made up a disproportionate percentage of my portfolio!

Roll on results update April 30th, could it break 10p?


I’m a little later to the party but I’ve got 45,000 shares now on this before the prices start going nuts. Wish I could top up more / discovered it earlier.

I reckon it could hit 10p before the 30th at this rate.

20p on the end of month news ? :rocket: :money_mouth_face:

Seems fairly quiet still in the forums, I wonder how long before news spreads on this one.


I’ve boasted a couple of times in work of 80% gains with GGP and it’s giving people fomo. Have already one person bought into it now. I’d say a few more will be attracted by the cheap price per share and huge percentage performance increase it’s already shown.

Much like with the crypto craze, you mention little effort to make a good return on investment and every Tom, Dick and Harry wants in. If it helps the price go up then I’m happy to keep spreading the word.


Looks like the smart money got into this a bit earlier than most of us, but that they still like the look of it.

DYOR, etc.


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