Newcrest Mining Ltd - NCMGF - Share chat

Newcrest are Australias premier gold miner, low cost high volume. Great sites, tech based production.

Here’s a little video on their tech at Telfer and why they’re so good at what they do.

Quiz time - they share a site with a minnow already on the Freetrade, who can name them? ;).

Hint - if you know what site they’re talking about in the below video it will help:

Lundin on the lookout for a acquisition…their fellow board members from Newcrest could recommend a potentially large gold find near one of their sites…

You know I know… :blush:

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$NCM half year report is hear. Results look very strong.

Greatland Golds Havieron project gets another mention!

When can we get this?

Australian shares will be a way off into the future I would havd thought. Will most likely roll out all other features and main markets first so potentially a loooong time

Newcrest mining NCM (asx)

Hi Phil

Thanks for the request, it’s always good practice to search before starting a new request (it not immediately clear) as in many cases there is already a request going. Keeping discussions in one places help demonstrate the demand for the Freetrade team for it to be added.

In this case Newcrest are listed on the ASX - Australian Exchange which isn’t supported by :freetrade:

There is a US listing however it is traded Over the counter (OTC). DriveWealth who Freetrade have partnered with to run the trades for the American market have very limited support for OTC stocks and we’ve not seen any rolled out on the Freetrade network yet.

OTC stocks are traded directly through market makers and are not listed exchanges like NYSE/NASDAQ.

The listing Freetrade have supported is GGP which is listed in London not GRLGF which is the OTC listing for US customers.