Rambler Mining ⛏ - RMM

This company operates mines in Canada, including the Ming Copper-Gold Mine in Baie Verte, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

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Anyone know where to stay up to date with the communication around this stock? I often look at Twitter for news/RNS etc, but the #rmm is just full of other subjects. Thanks

There’s a good telegram group

I’ve been building a holding here over the past week, seems to be undervalued. Good copper mine going through a turn around period at a time when copper prices are booming.

What’s your plan? I have a small holding I bought on impulse without doing as much research as I normally would :man_facepalming:t3:

Rambler is a turn around opportunity with a new CEO. I’ve been increasing my holding even more since I mentioned it last week. It’s now my biggest holding. My target is 3p and I’m happy to hold for the next couple of years to get there.

I would recommend this video if you want some insight into the company and what has happened to it:

Do your own research too of course.


RMM is only available on Freetrade Plus.

Thanks for this, very interesting

Looks like share consolidation is on the cards at 100:1, which would mean a current share price of around 58p. This will be voted on at the annual general meeting on May 26th as per the RNS today.

I see it as a good thing as institutions will be more likely to invest in it. Many will avoid stocks with billions of shares in issue. The company say it’s a positive in the RNS too.

Also heard that as of today the stock is now on some other brokers such as Trading 212 which opens it up to more investors.

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The market really hasn’t liked the RNS today. There was some good things in it but they said financing will be needed and a bit of a delay getting production back up.

Ouch, that’s a hit; down 20% today already!

I didn’t sell any of mine. Would top up if I could. The financing could come from a number of sources. Placing is the first thought but then why announce that in advance and hit the share price? Loan/debt is another, as is the possibility of a deal regarding their other mines that currently aren’t operating as they’ve had offers. Just have to wait and see I guess.

I’m £10 down on £60 investment so not big numbers as I’m new to all of this and an very wary of loosing big whilst learning…however I’m seriously considering averaging down :thinking:

Interesting discussions on the PM discord chat too so thanks for putting me onto the channel

What’s the PM discord?

I’m down a substantial amount on this as I sold other investments to load up. I was up 25% a few days ago, now down 15%. It’s a paper loss and I still think RMM will perform well if held for at least a couple of years. I can’t afford to average down but I would if I had the cash.

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Private matters have a link in there video to the discord server; it’s a messaging app type thing

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Consolidation has been approved and will be done from tomorrow.

How do we go about getting the chart in the app fixed? Don’t want it to be like VAST that shows a 10000% increase…


Would be nice to have an overnight 6000% increase :partying_face::joy:

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For any Rambler investors that have endured a tough few months…here’s some decent drilling results which hopefully when/if financing is agreed might start pushing the SP in the right direction!

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Finally the news we have all been waiting for. Been a difficult 6 months but a great opportunity to average down. I’ve increased my holding massively during that time.

With today’s news the risk has been significantly decreased so should be appealing to more investors.

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