Arc Minerals (ARCM)

ARCM are about to take off. Freetrade need a ton more AIM shares especially this one.

Is that Arc Minerals? What’s your thesis behind this potential opportunity can I ask?

I tend to avoid mining shares in general and I don’t see anything on paper that makes this one look attractive so perhaps it’s more of a qualitative aspect that I don’t know of since I’ve no prior knowledge of the company?



Granted, it does look better if you narrow the time frame. I’m hot for mining - the minerals for the green revolution have to come from somewhere - but this graph reminds me of the graphs I see whenever I look at a company that’s appearing on Primary Bid.

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It is a developing mining company. Raw precious materials as they become more scarce will become increasingly more lucrative. More reason to have companies like these than cannabis farms.

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And since this original post it would nearly have double bagged. So the question is why wouldn’t this be an option on FT…

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