Artemis Resources - ARV

Artemis Resources will begin trading on AIM on Monday:

I would very much like for this to be made available on Freetrade as soon as possible!

Will be available in 2 to 3 months time then

@Rduto @Leeawill20 Artemis Resources is now available on your app! :freetrade:


Does anyone have any updates for this. I cant find a reason for the price increase.


Me neither. I’ll be in around 2.5 if it drops. Too high for me at the moment on no news. WSBN is my pick for Aussi gold. Sold at 13p now back in at 9p.

There’s been a lot of interest because of some potential imminent news on drill results. Hopefully good news!

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Heres hoping!

Many thanks.

Hello everyone.
Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on Artemis Resources.
Thank you :grin:


I haven’t uet , but i be having a look this week or next . If i find anything good or bad i will post it

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There’s a few videos with what looks like a lot of potential, but these videos haven’t had many viewers. So either there isn’t any interest in this or its been overlooked. Me personally, im going to take a chance with a 100 to 200 quid. And keep an eye on it . That Alistair chap bought at the 2.08 /2.10 mark so compared to him im getting a good discount. Fingers crossed.

From what I understand Artemis is basically next door to the Havieron deposit that GGP and mining. Artemis will probably look to raise capital to do more exploring and perhaps take on a JV partner so expect dilution. Could be a good one though given it’s location

The stock I have currently sits at over 80% down ( I only have a very small holding).
I think it’s a holder, I think there is potential. I also have holdings in GGP and think the whole area is one to watch! Fingers crossed!

Yeah , i agree the potential is there but its a lot of land . There neighbours did hit a biggy and some billionaire bought into them . With a bit of luck the vein runs onto the artemis

There is always the potential for GGP to buy out Artemis if the current chess game they are playing works out