Murray International Trust plc MYI

This investment trusts invests widely in international securities, ranging from equities to fixed income and debt.

A bit of a dog.
The directors want a large dividend ie more a value investor but not 100%
Investment manager thinks the developed countries have to much sovereign debt and to much consumer debt. He thinks the amount of quantive easing is economic vandalism!
Hence he has invested heavily in emerging markets (particularly Asia) and has missed out on US, and growth etc.
Has been bottom of the table 1,5 and 10 years. Recently was top over 1 year. Trades between a 5% discount and 5% premium. Very large investment trust which results in wealth managers having it on there rader plus a large retail investor following.
Will we see a rotation into Emerging markets?. I can wait bought Very close to the bottom during the crash.

PS ignoring Majedie which sooo shite