Nano-x Imaging (NNOX)

Could we please have nnox, listed on the Nasdaq added?

It’s an Israeli medical imaging company that has just IPOd (21/8).

Yes please, looks promising but risky!

A podcast for those interested.

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Yes please!

go on please, waiting for take off with my holding stocks.

Please add this company!

Does anyone know a way I can invest in this company as its increasing and we aren’t hearing back from FT.

I’d like to see this one too.

Please get this stock added to FT ASAP. The stock price is way up already and we as investors are missing out. Please confirm

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Yes! Regular stock additions will restart next week. Unless unlikely technical issues pop up, you’ll see it in your app!

Please keep the votes and suggestions coming. :+1:

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Definitely one needing to be added ASAP

Oof, Citron research report on NNOX.

Nano-X Imaging (NNOX)
A Complete Farce on the Market – Theranos 2.0
$0 Price Target


That is an interesting read indeed - thanks for sharing

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This just dropped.

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Great news, now I actually have a hard decision to make, thank you.

Brian Feroldi is someone to follow if you’re interested in this stock.

I’ve read the Citron report, the only part that bothered me was the bit on customers and the picture of golden vine lol. The part about R&D spend neglects to account for Sony spend pre Nanox, the discussion on the FDA approval process isn’t entirely accurate, I actually read some of the FDA’s guidance on 510K applications(there’s a lot) and came away with the understanding it was the appropriate route, since nanox device is going to be used to produce X-ray and not an entirely novel procedure. In 510K you must demonstrate the device is as safe and effective as a precedent device, or a device already on the market, and if the technology used is substantially different you would be expected to provide additional information on the technology. The route involving clinical trials etc is much longer than the 510K route Nanox have chosen. I do think people are expecting approval sooner than it will come.

People talk about the credibility of the board etc but that’s not always a safety net, Theranos had a prestigious board.

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Muddy Waters Research have also pilled in with a report and said they are short.
Full report is 43 pages, which I’ve not read, but the summary doesn’t make for pleasant reading.

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The board of Theranos I believe had no biotech or medical experience

Should be interesting!

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Up 50% with FDA approval