The stock exchange as a company - think LSE but for US

Would be great if we could get it added in the universe

So I’ve been googling this but can’t get my head around it and I’m hoping someone here can help.

What exactly is NDAQ, and what’s the difference between this and say EQQQ?

NDAQ is the company that runs the Nasdaq exchange

EQQQ is an ETF that tracks an index of the largest companies traded on the Nasdaq exchange

So does that mean the NDAQ share price is affected by factors other than just the value of the companies within Nasdaq?

NDAQ has actually outperformed the index over the past year and over very long timeframes. It makes money from trading activity on the exchange, whereas EQQQ is just an index of the top 100 companies on the exchange.

I guess in theory it can still be profitable in a downturn if trading volumes are high


Ah, I see. Thank you!