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This is a food company, producing and marketing products milk, chocolate, confectionery, bottled water, coffee, creamer, food seasoning and pet foods.
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Ohhh :grinning: Can we still buy these as fractional shares?

Do we have an ETA for this going live? :slight_smile:

They usually seem to add groups of stocks on a Friday, so fingers crossed it will be tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:

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Patiently waiting :crazy_face:

They’ll turn up at some point… I hope… There are a couple I’m waiting for as well. :man_student:

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Think I’ve given up on getting this stock now :laughing:

51 days later … Still no Milkybars on me … :roll_eyes:

@Rajan07 - any help on this one?

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Hi. Thanks for the question.

We’ve just launched Finnish stocks, which includes going direct to pan-European exchanges to make sure our customers are getting the best possible experience (of course only the best is good enough for the Milkybar kid!).

We’re going to be following this principle as we roll out to more European countries over the coming weeks and months so keep your eyes peeled!

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Hi @Rajan07

This stock discussion was started for the US-listed ADR of the (Swiss?) listing, until recently Drive Wealth didn’t support OTC markets however they now allow some of the larger stocks.

The discussions were started for quite a few stocks in the same vein including -

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Thanks for clarifying, will flag this too!

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This ever being added?

I bought shares with another provider in the end…

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Hey everyone! I have a little update from the team re: adding Nestle.

We’re working with our brokerage provider to add more OTC stocks in the future and will continue to keep you updated. Apologies for the delay on this! We hope to get this one live soon.