[Request] Nestlé - NESN.SW [SWISS]

This is the stock in the US market not the European one.

I hope this is added soon to Freetrade because given the huge interest in plant-based meat alternatives and after seeing the success of Beyond Meat (BYND), Nestlé is no doubt a big player on this area too.


That sounds good, but I guess I will stay away.

And rightly so

Hey fellow investors it would be great if we could ass Nestle to the stocks available.

There’s a bunch of requests already.

Google Finance: Nestle

Cereal, Coffee, & KitKats

With many people realising that working from home is feasible I anticipate a long term effect on city-center workers. Even if that is only a few %, the impact will be noticeable.

With that I expect to see sales fall in places like Starbucks and Pret. People will still want their coffee though, so I expect to see Nespresso sales rise (and others)


Hi, I can see there are various of post asking to include Nestle (NESN). Could you aggregate all the votes and add it in please?

Actually, there is a broader request here about when we will be able to access European stocks on the platform? I suspect being a Swiss stock, this might be one of the last exchanges to make it on to the platform :frowning:

But not having Nestle is like not having Unilever - huge multinational with household brands - prime investing territory, so it would be great to understand when we would see stocks like this arrive.


Stock request for Nestle (NESR) - International stock


Can you add Nestle SA


Hopefully we can see this soon with the start of the European share rollout :clap:

A stock discussion was created for the US OTC listing a while ago (along with others) but it’s not live in the app for some reason.


I got impatient and traded my free (non :freetrade:) Netflix share and bought Nestlé via another platform

I’m still looking to build out a decent position in NestlĂ© in my :freetrade: ISA though :moneybag:

Nestle or NSRGY.SA. A very steady firm
.gently climbing forever. My fave and you don’t have it!!!


And Swiss Exchange when possible.

Please can we have access to my fave slow but steady stock
.Nestle S.A. ???