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Hey Alex, buy more while it’s cheap.


Even today… with the +5% pre market? Where do you personally see this going in the next 1-5 years?

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Various analyst targets between $70-$100. These targets are assuming the rapid growth in production and sales continues which looks likely atm.

Worth noting that NIOs share price follows Tesla’s quite closely which can obviously be both good and bad…

I appreciate its deeply unfashionable to question current valuations but I found this article rather interesting as it highlights the importance of really understanding the prospects of the business you’re backing, as, quite rightly not every one will be a winner, despite so many listed EV businesses priced as if they are.

Key Points

  • The “big market delusion” is when all firms in an evolving industry rise together, although as competitors ultimately some will win and some will lose.
  • The electric vehicle industry, with its astronomical growth in market-cap over the 12 months ending January 31, 2021, is a prime example of a big market delusion.
  • In the highly competitive and capital-intensive auto industry, the January 2021 valuations of electric vehicle manufacturers are simply not sustainable over the long term.

I have 3 shares in Nio and have made a whopping profit of £3.73 :partying_face: My question is, is it worth me keeping my 3 shares? I mean, I bought them because I have a feeling Nio will do well in the future but, as I’ve only got 3 shares, I’m now thinking it’s hardly going to make me a millionaire is it? :joy:



Becoming a millionaire is a journey fellow freetrader! Is not gonna happen over night unless you have already a considerable capital (or you are firm believer of the GME frenzy craziness)

Be patient and consistently invest every month (only an amount you fell comfortable with). The journey to FIRE is long and you got to start somewhere, 3 shares in Nio are better than 0. To answer your question, you can keep adding shares to your holding in Nio (if you think will do well in the future), sell (if you believe it will not do well in the future) or just hold (if you are happy with 3 shares or unsure)

I am not massively invested in the company but I got in early and I believe in the fundamentals. I will keep adding on the dip but DYOR.


Thank you. I don’t expect my investments to turn me into a millionaire :joy: that’s just wishful thinking on my part :laughing: :woman_facepalming:t2: However, I do believe Nio will do well in the future. I hadn’t thought about using a regular sum to buy more shares? :face_with_monocle: That is what I’m doing with my two Vanguard Lifestrategy Investments. This is something I will definitely think about. The problem is I’d love to invest more in everything I hold but I can’t afford to do that! However I hold a lot more shares in everything else I’ve got on Freetrade except Nio so I would only need to think about topping this one up regularly and the others as and when I’ve got spare change. Thank you Alex, you’ve definitely given me food for thought! :slightly_smiling_face:


If this gets delisted from the Nasdaq, will my shares port over to the duel listing on the Nikkei they are setting up?

I will be pissed if Freetrade auto sells or something like that. That would be some Robbinhood style shady.

Production closed down for 5 days due to chip shortage.

Random question: Does anyone have NIO on a google sheets?

My google tracker has changed the value of NIO to about 10p a share which clearly isn’t the case!

I noticed that they may have removed it, I have switch the google sheet formula to yahoo instead.
I went to the google finance site then searched nio and it doesn’t show.

It still seems to work for me, have you got the exchange NYSE in the formula?


Following Tesla’s acquisition of Solar City in 2016, I sold what little I had and have regretted it (although I did need the money at the time). If you can afford to just forget about the money, then leave it and come back in 5 years time to see what you’re sitting on.



Thanks, no I don’t use NYSE, but I can see the stock price has updated correctly now. If I have issues in the future I’ll try add NYSE into the formula.

Havnt read all 312 messages (at time of writing) but has anyone mentioned this is a non isa stock?
Therefore much more likely to be subject to tax and a reduction in prospective gains

Some of us are so poor that getting a return big enough to be taxable would be like a dream come true.


Looking at the stock percentage of Nio now, I would like to know what everyone’s move is? Are you selling up? Or, investing on low?

I invested in NIO at the beginning of the year and currently around 30% down. Definitely holding until I recoup some of that back :joy:


I was really excited when I got nio as a free share a couple of months ago but I am now down 33%… holding and hoping that it bounces back! :sweat_smile:


Started buying last year at $5 so i’m still well up but the fact they hit $68 and i didn’t take a profit is annoying me to say the least. Think it will be quite a while before they start rising again.