Noob Question Share Ownership

The ‘partial share’ thing worries me. Am I buying shares, or is it just a position in a company.
i.e will I get quarterly dividends if the company pays them etc? Am I a shareholder?

Actually, I’ve pumped in quite a bit now, and no share certificates issued.

It’s a bit disappointing that it’s sold as a stocks trading platform, but it’s just CFD’s.
Or at least thats how it looks to me.

Hi @hebawom welcome to the forum and the FT gang.

This is probably a good place to start to understand fractional shares and what they mean. You do own the shares & FT is the very opposite of a CFD platform.

Fractional shares: the rollout has started

i.e will I get quarterly dividends if the company pays them etc? Am I a shareholder?

Yes you get the fraction of the dividend you’re due.

FT don’t have the ability for you to access certificates as far as I know, not sure what you would need them. I never have.


I think that’s quite an old-fashioned thing. I understand that it is still possible to get printed stock certificates, for a considerable fee, from some brokers, but it is absolutely not the norm anymore from any broker.

(Edited to add: I’ve had accounts with about seven different brokers and have never seen a share certificate. About 25 years ago or so I bought a share certificate as a present for a co-worker, I don’t remember what I paid for it but it was a special order item even at that time.)


It is not a CFD, it is a fraction of a share. I don’t know exactly how FT does it but I imagine they buy a whole share and split whatever the fractional part is and its dividends of course.

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You own the shares and all the rights/anxiety that goes with them.

Welcome to the 21st century. Freetrade hold your shares as nominee like nearly every other broker does. The shares are in their name but you own the right to them. This is standard practice and completely safe/normal.

You could always print a certificate and frame it if you wanted? :wink:


Definitely is not CFDs. Totally different ball game.