Oaktree (OAK) multiple stock request

Can you add the following major listed private equity and private debt firms to the available stocks list?

Thank you

*** OAK: Oaktree Capital Management**

  • GSO: Blackstone Credit Opp Fund
  • ARES: Ares Management Corp Class A
  • APO: Apollo Global Management Inc Class A
  • OCSL : Oaktree Specialty Lending
  • ONEX: ONEX Corp
  • BAM : Brookfield Asset Mangement
  • FSK: FS KKR Capital Corp
  • GSBD: Goldman Sachs BDC Inc
  • AINV: Apollo Investment Corp
  • BCSF: Bain Capital Specialty Finance Inc.
  • TPVG: Triplepoint VentureGrowth BDC

@Freetrade_Admin any update on this? Majority of the above tickers are well known firms rather than fringe small caps which might be viewed a less of a priority addition.

This thread has very few votes and also includes a whole list of names. Freetrade tend to support stocks which have a lot of support so breaking each of these out would be a better move if you want them on the platform.

They should just be added regardless… every month they should be adding …not just on the basis of requests