[On :freetrade:] Nano Dimension ($NNDM) - Share Chat

Can “nano dimension” stock be addedto the list?

Arc buying this stock

Arc investment are one of the biggest investor in nano dimensions.

Thanks - was literally quoting what a friend advised, I even got the spelling wrong lol. I need to do some research.

We need this stock ASAP

We are already late to the party and this stock has skyrocketed! Voted.

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I note others asked this to be added back in early November. I wonder why it takes so long - genuine question. Is it because an ADR?

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This is on now but GIA only. Why is it down 89% all time?

Because the share price has fallen 80+% in 5 years

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ARK is a big investor in nano dimension.its part of their disruptive technology ETF- ARKQ. Would be nice if their collection of ETF’s were added to the list as they have been achieving high growth year after year.