Own your platform. DId 212 have no choice

This article suggest Robinhood and IB restricted trading in the US. On this basis 212 wouldn’t be able to offer it???

Control you own destiny. Own your own platform - long term thinking from Freetrade.


So (as far as I know) T212 initially put out a statement saying they [T212] have restricted trading, and then later on they changed it to say their US execution partners (or similar) were restricting trades. So they may have been reliant on partners, but they have issues fairly regularly that seem to be based on this reliance on partners. Freetrade made the right decision to build out their infrastructure more.


Trading 212 made their own decisions to close to new signups. They are a front end for Interactive Brokers so I don’t think they had a choice with selling but that is how they’re set up, always at the mercy of IB.


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