Phillips 66 - PSX

The Phillips 66 Company is an American multinational energy company headquartered in Westchase, Houston, Texas. It debuted as an independent energy company when ConocoPhillips executed a spin-off of its downstream and midstream assets. Taking its name from the 1927 “Phillips 66” trademark of ConocoPhillips predecessor Phillips Petroleum Company, Phillips 66 began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on May 1, 2012, under the ticker PSX. The company is engaged in producing natural gas liquids (NGL) and petrochemicals. The company has approximately 14,000 employees worldwide and is active in more than 65 countries.[2]Phillips 66 is ranked No. 28 on the Fortune 500list and No. 67 on the Fortune Global 500 list as of 2018.[3][4]

As being one of the top 30 companies in the Fortune 500 I think this company should be in the universe sooner rather than later.

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway also own about 15% of the shares of this company; if it’s good enough for the best investor in the world…

Couldn’t find this requested so here goes.

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I think I’ve found the company you’re after so have moved you in here. If not let me know and I’ll reopen the old thread.

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Cool, that’s the one. How do you go about buying shares in it as it doesn’t appear in the app search.

ConocoPhillips is another good one. Basically the same company that was split into 2 divisions a few years ago. Especially good when oil fluctuates as this always seems to recover pretty well.

It’s not available at the moment. Freetrade is currently working on adding a whole load of new stocks so it might be in the bunch!

Thanks for that.