Please add this company in **Itochu Corp** - would love to own few of their shares

Itochu is one of the largest Japanese *[sogo shosha] (general trading company). Among Japanese trading companies, it is distinguished by not being descended from an historical [zaibatsu] group, but by the strength of its textiles business and its successful business operations in China. It has six major operational divisions specializing in textiles, [metals/minerals], food, machinery, energy/chemicals and ICT/general products/[real estate].

Itochu was ranked 215th on 2017’s list of [Fortune Global 500] companies with an annual trading revenue of US$44.65 billion.

Itochu has been one of the most popular employers for graduates of top Japanese universities for over thirty years due to their high pay levels, stability and the diversity of opportunities available to employees. In 2019 and 2020, Itochu was ranked 1st on popular employers ranking for college graduates.