Portfolio management using Python

Hello everyone!

Has anyone have any experience managing their portfolios using Python? (e.g. calculations of expected returns, volatility, rebalancing, etc)

I am trying to get something set up, and some pointers, tips, resources would be much appreciated.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all!


I’m interested in using python for visualising trades and my portfolio etc too. Maybe bokeh for some pretty, interactive graphs and a dashboard. However without an API or a basic CSV download currently it’s not so easy to get started I would think.

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This would be really cool. Although I doubt it’s a priority for the company at the moment. My view is that it will attract tons of youths as Python is that in Universities and many finance-users would know about it and constanly look for this. Currently the best is IB Api which comes for 180/200£ a month. I don’t know others for retailers (saxo, deutsch bank and others have them but for professionals…and of course bloomberg - but 15000k it’s a no go for the terminal ahah)

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I’d agree it’s not a priority, and there’s a topic already about an API as well as one about a CSV download. Shame though as downloading a basic CSV of trades is probably an hours work for someone- anyone who wanted to play around with it I suspect wouldn’t care if it’s not polished, is only a beta feature, etc.

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