Wanted to ask for a US stock does the profit numbers include the fx fee when you sell the stock or is that before and then taken away once you sell?

Any help please

Pretty sure it’s taken off when you sell. Also beware the spread - the share price you see is usually the buy price, so you will end up getting less when you are selling.

Is there any way to see how much the fx fee would be before you sell it? As it doesn’t give you a fix price until after you sell

What do you mean by the buy price? I tend to use Webulls price before selling

It’s 0.45% isn’t it?

In every transaction there is a buy price and a sell price. The buy price is always higher. Someone in the middle (a market maker, not freetrade) is earning the difference by facilitating the transaction. If the stock is trading in high volumes, the difference between the two will be small, but if it’s not, or for whatever reason it’s very volatile, there can be a huge difference. Freetrade will get you the best option at the time of the transaction, but it will always be lower than the buy price.


@lizmcp is correct but obviously the actual end cost can’t be given in advance as the price may change by then but it will always be as the above mentioned. :+1:

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I think what bhav is getting at is the idea of it calculating the FX fee into the initial sell price with the copout being that that price could still change, potentially drastically - thanks to volatility, once it’s completed.

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