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I’ve built up just under £10k on Moneybox over the last few years and I’m keen to move most of it over to Freetrade as I’m not as happy with the limited options on there + as a Freetrade investor, I’d rather back what I own.

What trackers do you think I should follow and how many? I’m happy with higher risk ones if I spread the risk across quite a few. These would be longer term investments - I shouldn’t be needing this money all being well.

I would appreciate any advice, cheers!


I gave some examples in a post I wrote: How We Should All Invest – But Probably Won’t (Newbie Guide)

However as Guyota says - it is such an open ended question, similar to “what car should I buy?”

I would start with a global equity tracker, as this will nearly always make up the biggest chunk of an ETF portfolio. Then add diversifiers (bonds/property) and potential return enhancers (Emerging markets, sector specifc, or even a small amount of individual equities).


Thanks. That’s a good set of options.

I am thinking 60% in trackers like the Nasdaq, S&P 500, 20% in property bonds etc. and 20% in some individual stocks. Hopefully that’s a good balance.

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I personally would feel uncomfortable with that amount in US Trackers (Nasdaq and S&P500). and aim for something with a more global footprint.

US equities are trading at a premium compared to the rest of the world. Check out: they are based in Germany but do have some really nice visual aids.

Also check out: Getting started - Bogleheads - Great resource for the world of passive investing. Specifically, the greatest value add they have provided for me is the use of an Investment Plan/Proposal. Where you write your strategy down on one sheet of paper then you go back and review it every year/6 months. Teaches investing disciplin, don’t know how I did without it before!

Do keep us updated! Good luck!


Check out monevator website, a lot of articles on passive investing.

I started with a Fund of funds whilst learning then switched when I felt comfortable

Massive believer in passive however SMT has done very well for me in an ISA. Good luck.

No advice :smiley: just saying how I started investing

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