[Request] Adidas (FWB.ADS)

Adidas has just made it public today that they will sell Reebok for $2.1 billion and the share price has just gone up as a result

Hi @Obinna890 the best practice before starting a thread is to search first. In this case you will have found a discussion already here

It’s also worth nothing that until the EU roll out happens (hopefully due to start soon) Freetrade
do not support the Frankfurt exchange.

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I can’t see it on here,
As we are on the subject there is quite a few shares that are not on here any reason why :astonished::thinking:

Hi @Wayneo

If you click on the magnifying glass and type in the company name it often got a thread already either, stock request or a stock discussion.

FT are a fairly new company building out a very desirable platform, is sepia toned oldies remember when many many more were missing. More stocks are added weekly and that why adding your vote and filling out the stock request form helps FT to know what stocks the customers want them to focus on.

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