[Request] Advisor Shares US Cannabis ETF - MSOS

is this possible to get? Advisor Shares US Cannabis ETF (MSOS)

Or even the stocks in the ETF - at the moment can only find one:

MSOS Top 10 Holdings



Green Thumb Industries Inc. 10.46%

Cresco Labs, Inc. 9.91%

Trulieve Cannabis Corp. 9.75% 18-JUN-2024 9.72%

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. 9.68%

[Innovative Industrial Properties Inc] 7.16%

[GrowGeneration Corp.] 4.78%

TerrAscend Corp. 4.76%

AYR Strategies Inc 4.72%

Also - Village Farms International Inc


I’d like to see MSOS ETF too

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The stocks inside will not all be legal to hold in the UK. CBDX has done an extra layer of DD due to UK proceeds of crime act

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AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF.

An American based cannabis ETF. Recreational and medicinal cannabis is a growing industry especially with Biden’s outlook on marijuana. This stock has potential please add.

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US ETFs can’t be added due to no KIID. Find one with UCITS in if possible.

Also is the ticker for this YOLO?