[Request πŸ‘‹] Afterpay - APT

Would be great if you add After Pay

Having spent a portion of my life in debt to credit cards, loans and catalogs, personally I am not in a rush to see Freetrade offer a means to invest using loans - which is essentially what afterpay is. Not overly sure it would be on message for Freetrade either.

Why not simply invest the money you would use to pay back afterpay each month to invest each month - a lot of people use averaging now and its often a better technique then trying to time the market.


Hi Jim,

I meant add the stock so I can invest. I have a pretty large portfolio with freetrade, however I would like to add and invest in this particular stock. In order to do so I have to invest via another app as Freetrade does not have Afterpay

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@Dani1 my apologies! I’ll get off my high horse then :slight_smile:

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Don’t be silly, thank you for looking out!