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ALUS Confirmed SPAC Merger

  1. Freyr will be by far the largest battery supplier in Europe.

  2. Freyr is producing a 43 GWh battery Cell.

  3. Freyr is creating batteries for use in electric vehicles, energy storage, marine and aviation.

  4. The SPAC merger will provide Freyr with $850 million in net proceeds.

  5. ALUS saw 13 million shares being traded on day 1.

  6. FREYR Battery will be more adopted due to all the new Green Energy laws around the world.

  7. FREY is an easy Buy Out Target due to the technology they possess.

  8. Oil and Gas prices are going up everywhere and Battery Costs are going down.

  9. QS went up to $132 a share from $10 and Freyr is a much better company.

  10. FREY has no debt.

  11. FREY’s projected 1.3 Billion Free Cash Flow.

  12. Frey will be profitable in 2023.

  13. Frey is slated for 33% Growth by 2024.

  14. Freyr is building the 1st of 10 factories in Northern Norway where 75% of new vehicle sales are are EV’s.

Dude this is gonna be a sick SPAC

Yeah mate for sure! I love all spacs lol. CCIV prime example

@Viktor Hi Victor really sorry to disturb do you know if this SPAC is gonna be on the list, shows huge potential.

The company’s lithium batteries are by far the least expensive and the most efficient. And based in the battery hub, Norway with all the supply agreements they need.

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