[Request] Amazonas Florestal (AZFL)

Amazonas Florestal
Info from Twitter
$AZFL :arrow_right: some (recent) information :arrow_down:

:arrow_right: First Major HEMP Producer in Florida
:arrow_right: Using Precision Extraction Systems
:arrow_right: Producing Concentrated Bulk CBD Extracts
:arrow_right: Starting Production in Spring 2021
:arrow_right: Aiming For Best Prices in the SouthEast
:arrow_right: Miami/Florida as HUB to the world

Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s highly unlikely that this listing will ever come to :freetrade:. OTC Markets aren’t supported and if they even want to support that exchange, it won’t be for a long, long time. If you really want this one, I’d look elsewhere.

Cheers Trent, thanks for that, completely new to this “spreading my money around and watching it go red” game as opposed to giving my money to only poker bots and cheats, suppose it’s the latest craze of losing money

Actually you have cleared up why a lot of the ones I search for arent on there because they are the over the counter market