[Request] Cake Box Holdings (CBOX)

Cake box holdings limited cbox.l

It looks like the uptake hasn’t been large yet. Can you share more about why you feel strongly about this company?

i would like cake box to be aadded to list of stock. its an attractive company. undervalued and potential multi bagger.


Why do you reckon it’s a multi-bagger?

Great ROCE and ROE. Good margins. Asset light franchise business model. Small fish and Big ocean - meaning good market size… no meaning full competition yet. Good owners and skin in the game (~ more than 50% ownership)


CBOX has shown up on a lot of my stock screens looking for companies with high ROE and ROA, I’ve started seeing more of their shops around South and west London, and feel it offers potential, would be a nice addition to the Freetrade universe.


This is a good request and one on my ISA watchlist .

I’d suggest requesting this using the new form for this (which I’ve done as well).


-Growing revenue and profit *took a tiny hit during first half of COVID

-Strong pipeline of new franchisees, and 5 new stores opened in Oct/Nov 2020

-Expect to open 20 new franchise stores this year- that’s quite a rapid rollout, in these very difficult times

-Most stores have remained open in the second lockdown

-Excellent online sales



A UK-based egg free cake store franchise

Google Finance page - LON: CBOX - Google Search

No Wikipedia page I’m afraid but here’s all the info I could find on them:



Would like to see these guys on here as I believe they could be a decent (if low) dividend investment, who doesn’t like cake in the UK?

With it being a UK business operating in a popular UK market, it’s also a potential hedge against Brexit.

Currently undervalued according to simplywall.st and financially healthy with sensible use of debt.


Please add this company to the list. This is a decent and growing small cap. Huge potential for growth in the coming years as the pandemic ends. Consistent revenue, operating profit, eps growth in the last five years. Also cash generative and a good profit margin and ROCE as well as a good dividend stock.


I don’t mean to make you jealous but I’m having a cake box slice of cake right now :cake:


This is a mini Greggs in the making. I’m looking to build a substantial position in this. it’s available on trading 212 and Barclays AJ Bell.