[Request] Camber Energy (CEI)

Could we get this stock into the list please? It’s on the pinnacle of a reversal

Maybe a little premiture in that call, but this certainly has the retail investor interest now. Would love to this one added

Yeah can we get this on the app, I feel like by the time this gets on the app now however we will have missed the lift off

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This stock has secured a exclusive IP license for patented carbon capture system. The license is for all of Canada and non-exclusive for up to twenty five locations in the United States.
This stock has potential for life changing returns if it can deliver on its mission.

Painfully slow at adding new stocks recently

Can this be added to the app soon? Missing some solid gains here.

FT don’t prioritise small cap / penny stocks.

It’s not that simple, Drivewealth don’t allow US stocks with market cap below $1bn.

There are plenty of sub $1bn US stock on FT.

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This is doing well today

Is there anything particularly remarkable about CE?

They are licensing tech from ESG Clean Energy which makes some bold claims but doesn’t on the face of it look to be that different to what other CCS tech is doing.

This is doing well again today.

Is there any update on this stock being added please?

Think this would be a great addition to FT.

The company has interests in active oil & gas properties in the onshore Gulf Coast region, containing enhancement and development prospects to facilitate organic growth.

Good Morning,

Please could FT look at adding this ASAP.

They also have a Frankfurt listing you could consider adding.