[Request] Greenlane Holdings, Inc. (GNLN)

It’s a herb company… :wink:

If you want a stock added it would be good to A0 vote for it yourself and B) add some details. :+1:

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Thanks for the links! I clicked on some other requests and they didn’t have anything in them so I didn’t include details :smiley: Will do it for future requests though. Thanks!

No worries, it is amazing how many people don’t vote on their own suggestions or put any details. :+1: Many people won’t bother searching if a link is not on the request.

Just to piggy back of @Big-g ’s comment. Eventually all stocks will be added so requesting an individual stock is asking for it to accelerated, voting and giving other reason bring its to the attention of the FT team.

Yeah, that makes sense. To give more context on my request. GNLN is a weed related stock that produces ‘auxiliary’ cannabis tools and packaging. With more and more laws to make cannabis legal, the industry seems like a good bet.

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