[Request] Lake Resources

Lithium Mining

As the EV revolution accelerates, Lake Resources is answering the call for high purity lithium.

Based on game-changing direct extraction technology, our projects in the heart of the Lithium Triangle offer responsibly sourced, battery grade supply

Can you please add llkkf (Lake Resources N.L.) ticket OTCMKTS: LLKKF

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This has been requested previously and you can vote via the link below. In future, please search before posting a request; chances are someone else got there first.

As this is an OTC Markets stock, be aware that it’ll likely be a long time before this can be added; OTC Markets isn’t supported by Freetrade’s US listing partner.

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Please add LLKKF

yes please add :rocket:

lithium is the new oil :grin:

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please add llkkf :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

i agree

yes yes yes add llkkf

Get this stock added whilst the price is still low :rocket:

I’m afraid no amount of emoji makes are going to get this added.

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