[Request] Reliance Industries (RIGD)

I believe that Reliance Industries has a listing on the LSE so it would be great to get this one added. They’re one of the biggest companies in India so a good way to diversify into a different market


2020 AGM



Owns businesses across energy, petrochemicals, textiles, retail and telecommunications.

Owns majority share in JIO Platforms which is drawing major investment from Google, Facebook, Qualcomm and Intel.


You have my vote. In the meantime you could invest in the MSCI India where reliance makes up a staggering 15%.


Problem is you end up owning lots of the banks/shadow banks.


They have started developing their own 5g hardware. It is like amazon of India. Hoping ft will add LSE adr in basic account, as ISA won’t support it.

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Can we get this on Freetrade, please? It’s a hugely important future stock.


Voted. I’d also love to see this one made available!


Still keen on seeing this stock sometime soon.

Would like this on FT please


Would be great to see this added on FT in the near future. Lot’s of potential!

Still holding out hope to see this stock added sometime soon!

Hi @Viktor ,

Is there any specific reason ,why this stock is not getting added ?

It has decent trades per day in the LSE.


This stock on the LSE is in fact a Global Depository Receipt. The receipt is the equivalent of 2 ordinary shares. It is traded on the international order book.

I presume there are some implications of this for Freetrade and the mechanisms it uses for placing trades - and that is why it is not being made available for trading.

It would be good though if some kind soul in Freetrade product management or marketing lets people know whether there is any chance of it being made tradeable anytime soon.

@Rajan07 is there someone who could give the nice people in this thread more info?

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Guys is there any update on this?… It would be criminal to not list this stock, undoubtably will become one of the most important companies on the planet??

Hi @EmilieGauthier

Are we able to get the LSE listing for this? It’s a GDR which I’m guessing might be the issue.

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Guys I am holding off £100k plus investment waiting for this company to be listed. I will be forced to move my SIPP away to Vanguard/ other provider that can give me fair exposure to this company on my SIPP… It is not fair on investors like myself to not have any update and useless calls for investing in Free trade… Would have made £500k plus investment in freetrade if the call for RIGD was heard… This is the largest cap stock in India etc… With most tech and infrastructure big wigs in US invested therein and the GDR is on LSE … this is really shabby work…
Many ETFs and funds on the platform make no sense to a long only player … even TQQQ etc is missing…

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