[Request] Seplat Energy - SEPL


Looks good. Healthy company and expected to do well in the future.

I’d like for this to be added, I couldn’t agree more with @Leonangell90


NYSE:SEP Seplat Petroleum Development could provide good value, growth, and is healthy.

Will you please consider adding this onto Freetrade?

Your vote is needed!


Pls add this company.

Great company and undervalued. Big mcap and on the LSE. Good divis. I would like some :slight_smile:


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Agree - would love to this stock added. Good dividends and the value of African HQ stocks are rising within the LSE

Please add seplat oil and cleantech lithium

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Viktor has said the team are going to look into adding CleanTech Lithium this week hopefully :crossed_fingers:

This is a top performing stock it should definitely be available.