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For 20 years Sondrel has been known for delivering high quality and highly complex IC designs to fabless and systems companies worldwide. Our designs have appeared in hundreds of leading-edge products including those of the market leaders in mobile phones, games consoles, security systems, AR/VR systems, network switches and routers, cameras, computer systems, and many, many more.

Our success is based on our knowledge of how to work together to get the most out of silicon, and how to get it to market reliably, on time and at the right price. Underpinning our engineering is a deep technical understanding of advanced processes and design techniques, enabling us to produce designs with the highest combination of power efficiency and performance, coupled with our unique holistic approach to unit cost management and reliability.

In the drive to reduce carbon emission, Sondrel is designing solutions for customers that have the AI in the device – also known as AI at the edge. It’s our sweet spot of designing ASICs that integrate a huge number of features into one chip.

Some quick bullet points but go read the news and research if interested

£33m m/c
Arm holdings partner
Chip sector hot
Ai chips in design and contracted
Target of £100m revenue
Siemens largest non board shareholder
Ceo owns 44%

Read RNS contracts lately :eyes:

“as we progress to our medium-term target of revenues of over GBP100 million”

Shareholders (non board)

:eyes: research it

ASIC chips for Ai at Meta

Made a solid move now, actually still cheap if they hit their medium term revenue forecasts.

Slide from their presentation a while ago when they mentioned they see themselves in the “middle” tier versus their peers eventually…

For anyone wanting a LSE listed peer to compare. Go look at AWE. Very similar company, similar markets. SND targeting similar medium term revenue… compare the caps


More choice is always a good thing :+1:

Looks good again today :+1:

5% Insti position taken - TR1

Blue again. Insane how quiet the chat is considering the potential of a chip designer/manufacturer in current market. Peers such as #AWE many many multiples ahead, even stated in presentation they see themselves in the medium band (image in posts above) over years ahead.

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I set up a basic 212 account just to get in on Sondrel.

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A chip designer with tiny revenue was taken out recently … just never know what’s around the corner

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Take a little look at ENSI also. Very similar co making chips and will probably follow SND soon enough - there was an article in this is money a fair few months back highlighting them both

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Feels like dip might be over, Nasdaq pumping again… few things turning blue.

Reckon we see new highs on the next leg. Incredible revenue forecasts

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Nice news. Next milestone on the contract… in May it stated…

Sondrel expects typical production volumes for each contract to deliver revenue of GBP10m to GBP100m per annum and the contract with the Tier 1 OEM Automotive customer could deliver production revenue at the upper end of this range.

Pretty strange the company doesn’t RNS a lot of it’s news. For instance they appointed a Chief Operating Officer who was once Vice President of a $16bn market cap company Teledyne technologies, listed on NYSE.

Nobody clicked.


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And another news item that wasn’t in RNS. Bizzare why they don’t release the news.


“Any deal worth many millions for the design and supply of a new chip is decided at the topmost levels of a company,” said Derek Meyer, Founder and CEO of The SHD Group. “We have a team that has successfully closed numerous, multi-million-dollar agreements so we know that it takes building relationships and trust between supplier and customer. Furthermore, we have done our own research on Sondrel’s Architecting the Future solution and we believe that their approach, incorporating the SFA platforms, reduces design and schedule risk for customers, giving Sondrel a big edge over competition.”

With the USA’s CHIPS act in place, many American companies are keen to create new, secure supply chain models. Sondrel, based in the U.K., is ideally positioned to provide full turnkey services that meet this need.

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Appreciate the intel. Sondrel was the reason I signed up to 212. I’d rather not have had to do this, the place feels a bit unruly. The crowd dominating the cimmunity all seem to be overly interested in emoticons. I like the relative pink calm of FT, making it even more infuriating they are not putting Sondrel on the list.

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