[Request] Tidjane Thiam SPAC

Referring to this Financial Times article, Tidjane Thiam, the former CEO of Credit Suisse is launching a SPAC, with JP Morgan Chief “Jamie Dimon personally involved.”

It is as yet unnamed (therefore obviously not listed yet). However, I for one would love the opportunity to buy this SPAC on early once it gets listed and starts trading. A number of the SPACs, while also great investments, have only become available once they’re “hyped” or well above offering price.

I’m hoping (with a healthy amount of wishful thinking) that when it does get a name and an offering date, that early notice and a LOT of interest might convince admin to take a look at making this happen? (I don’t believe we’ve ever had a SPAC on its first day of trading but I may be wrong)

We’d all then have a chance to buy a SPAC with a solid management early in its trading, at or near NAV. Of course, usually when a SPAC is hyped enough to be suggested here and upvoted enough to “warrant inclusion”, it’s usually quite expensive and we miss out on a lot of the gains! So upvote if you’d like this SPAC included early!