[Request] TransMedics Group (TMDX)


I noticed somoene recomended TMDX back in 2019. It has great potential!

$TMDX is a machine that replicates the human body which allows organ transplant specialists to keep vital organs alive much longer so they have the time needed to get to the recipient patient. Prior to $TMDX when the donor patient died the organs would be harvested but then the time clock would start ticking because as soon as those organs go into the plastic bag and onto the ice and into the cooler… they start dying. This meant the doctors only had a couple hours to get the old organs into the new bodies before the organs were considered unusable. Tens of thousands of life saving organs were going to waste every year. $TMDX is here to change all of that because now we have a machine that can keep these organs alive and functioning 5x longer.

When the donor is identified; the transplant surgical team travels to the hospital where the donor is located. They will harvest the organ and transport the organ back to the hospital where the recipient is located. Sometimes the donor and recipient are several miles apart and sometimes they are hundreds of miles apart. With the old way of doing this (the cooler), the distance between donor and recipient was limited but now with the $TMDX machine there is almost no limit on distance which means more matches and more life saving organ transplants.


Please make one thread for each stock. The point of the voting system is to judge demand. If you put requests in for multiple instruments in one go, it’s not helpful; people aren’t going to necessarily want all of them.

A more efficient use of your time would be to submit a request for each stock via the form. This is the team’s preferred way of users requesting instruments at this point.

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