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Stock request for TransMedics Group Inc - TMDX

TransMedics is a medical device company founded to address the unmet need for more and better organs for transplantation. The company has developed the Organ Care System, a first-in-class technology with the potential to improve outcomes for transplant patients and to dramatically increase the number of transplantable organs worldwide.

4-Nov-19 Market Cap (USD) $412 million

This is a recent IPO that is currently loss making. However, they do have a decent amount in current assets on the balance sheet. Link to Investor Relations. Figures from the Aug, 8 2019 10-Q:

Figures to 29-Jun-19

  • Total current assets $116.1 million
  • Total liabilities $49.9 million
  • Net loss for quarter $9.2 million

For me, the statistics around donated organ usage are shocking:

I originally heard about the share on The Motley Fool’s Industry Focus podcast, well worth a listen if you’re interested in this company.

Super bump this is a huge opportunity we need this one


Great product for a great cause would love to get in on this

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Nice work spotting that article since it only mentions TransMedics on the photo caption. I missed that on my first read through. I’m surprised there isn’t more interest in this company on here.

(And cheers for voting.)

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Please can we get an answer on this one

Came here to find this after reading about OCS tech in a Guardian article related to the above. I would like to see this available too! Seems like an amazing technology to invest in

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Requested Nov 19… :grimacing: OK this does not bode well for some of my recent requests thinking maybe they’ll get added in a few weeks… :smirk:

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Please, needed ASAP

Up 14% today

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Freetrade your team is sleeping on this stock. Let’s get it released please!

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Can we all fill in this form please for a TMDX request:


I didn’t even know about this. Thanks for sharing.

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I love this stock. Please Freetrade.

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Thanks for sharing this. Do you know, does this replace the voting and requests in the forum then? Bit of a shame as this is finally getting a decent number of votes. Thanks everyone who has voted.

I was thinking the same thing. I’m just shocked to see that you requested this stock in November 2019 and it’s still not on Freetrade. Let’s hope it doesn’t get overlooked this time otherwise it’s off to Trading212 for me.

Well, in fairness to Freetrade, this only had a few votes until recently. Hopefully we’ve got some momentum now :muscle: