TransMedics Group Inc - TMDX

Stock request for TransMedics Group Inc - TMDX

TransMedics is a medical device company founded to address the unmet need for more and better organs for transplantation. The company has developed the Organ Care System, a first-in-class technology with the potential to improve outcomes for transplant patients and to dramatically increase the number of transplantable organs worldwide.

4-Nov-19 Market Cap (USD) $412 million

This is a recent IPO that is currently loss making. However, they do have a decent amount in current assets on the balance sheet. Link to Investor Relations. Figures from the Aug, 8 2019 10-Q:

Figures to 29-Jun-19

  • Total current assets $116.1 million
  • Total liabilities $49.9 million
  • Net loss for quarter $9.2 million

For me, the statistics around donated organ usage are shocking:

I originally heard about the share on The Motley Fool’s Industry Focus podcast, well worth a listen if you’re interested in this company.