[Request] Xiaomi - 1810 [Hong Kong / China]

Xiaomi stock from China.

Listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange - I somehow thought it was US-listed. :hong_kong:

I’ve been watching this company for years. Pretty decent market share in Spain. Take my vote. :slight_smile:


Would definitely invest if it became available on freetrade!

Been watching the company for almost 4 years now and own quite a few products.

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I only know this company because I was looking at buying an electric scooter the other day! Do you know anything about them? The M365 looked like the best low price scooter I can get.

Share price hasn’t done too well since IPO!

Yes, admittedly the share price hasn’t done too well, I think that perhaps they maybe went into the public market too quickly albeit being a 9-10 year old company now. It could well be argued that it’s due to the fact that the company isn’t focused on profits but actually making products at affordable prices. They don’t spend much on marketing campaigns or anything else and I think they have put a cap on the amount of money they can make on certain products. Despite of that they still turned a healthy net profit of £1.6B last year and still a huge growth for the company as well. Also they’ve retained a #4 phone manufacturer in the world status for a few years now which is quite impressive for a relatively young company.


I would also be highly interested in Xiaomi stock.

What is the likelihood that this will become available on Freetrade?

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Got my vote too!

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Very keen for Xiaomi too

  • became profitable this year
  • earnings forecast to grow by 18.69% per year
  • 13.5% share price return last year, outpacing the 6.1% of Hong Kong tech market
  • Strong, yet volatile, growth last six months
  • the world’s 4th most valuable tech startup - valued at US$46billion
  • world’s fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer, leading in the largest market, China, and second largest market, India.

Please make xiaomi stocks available on your platform

China’s Xiaomi, the world’s fifth-largest smartphone seller, told CNBC it plans to triple its store count in Western Europe by the end of 2019. Xiaomi’s European phone shipments surged 62 percent last year, while Huawei’s increased 56 percent. “The U.S. administration is causing Chinese companies to invest in Europe over the U.S.,” Canalys senior analyst Ben Stanton said.

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Very interested in access, I obviously like a few things (none of this is technically analysed)

  • share price is depleted since IPO
  • innovative selection of products from faucets to toilet brushes (excluding the obvious stuff like phones)
  • investments in companies such as Ninebot who own Segway who themselves seem to be tackling the electric transportation storm in an aggressive way

I second this and would like to see it adde dif possible.

Please add: Xiaomi Corp HKG: 1810

Would i be possible to add this stock at some point in the future.

Please add: Xiaomi Corp HKG: 1810

Still any chance of this adding?

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Any chance in getting xiaomi on freetrade? Had a couple of their phones now and they are such good value.

Huami is on there. Would be cool to have Xiaomi too and more Asian tech companies.

Can we get xiaomi onnnn