[Requests] BLSP & ASTI

Hey guys, could you please add BLSP & ASTI on to the stock list?

I want to purchase the shares but its not available on an app :frowning:

I don’t want to download another investment app as I really enjoy it on here.

Many thanks in advance

Hey guys,

Just wonder if you can address this. Both of them are American Green Energy companies that I am looking to acquire before they will go up in value due to the current legislations set out by Biden.

ASTI - Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. is a publicly traded [photovoltaic] (PV) company located in [Thornton]Its primary product is a flexible [CIGS solar cell] on a plastic substrate.

BLSP - Blue Sphere Corporation is an international independent power producer. The Company focuses on developing or acquiring projects with clean energy technologies, including waste-to-energy facilities that generate clean energy, such as electricity, natural gas, heat, soil amendment and other by-products.