Rightmove share price

Can someone please explain what is going on with Rightmove PLC share price?

Is this a glitch?


It’s 1 to 10 split


Does that explain it?
Something has confused the system. Google is quoting all sorts of odd figures. Previous close price looks wrong, peak price of close to 50,000.00 GB? The one month chart looks crazy.
I think someone added an extra 0 somewhere because the ratios are not 1:10.

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They have done a 10 for one stock split apparently

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London SE shows it correctly:

Where you had 1 at 4935 last night you’ll have 10 at 487 now.
ETA: I assume that where a large % increase in shown the previous close has been selected as 49.35 as opposed to 4935.


I wouldn’t consider even London SE is correct.
Every one would update price for stock splits in few days

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Since it’s been mentioned that some of the Freetrade team purchased Rightmove it would be interesting to get a screenshot (and/or detail) of how this looks and reports in the app.

An unprocessed split is less risky from a certain perspective as the users holding increases but the price drops. But the reverse - a consolidation - is super risky as the price rockets and the user (unless portfolio is updated) holds an over inflated qty of shares. If you don’t process the event ‘live’ you run the risk of clients selling and thinking they are rich.

Does Freetrade stop/delay trading in corporate action affected stock? How did the Rightmove transactional legs look on the app? How quickly was it updated?


What you saw is probably 5000pence? Or 50 quid.

The ratios won’t be exactly 10 to 1 during the trading day, you’ll have to remember shares are also changing hands, they could be going up or down depending on supply/demand during the trading day.

Let’s say company X has 1 share valued at £100 per share. After 10 to 1 split, there will be 10 shares at £10 each. During the day the share price goes up 10% to £11.00 due to some positive news. Now it doesn’t look 10 to 1 it looks more like 9.09 to 1.

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Try 10 times that, or a ratio of 100:1 Unless I’m missing some other news in the last few months and the shares were £500 each, and are now a fiver. The chart is actually smooth now, it was spiking from 500p to 50,000p.


Apologies, I see what you mean, google finance got it wrong. This is how it should look like really,post split adjustment.

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Exactly. I’m used to seeing adjusted prices.
Yahoo is also confused. The previous open is shown in £ and the rest is in pence, which is causing the inflated growth %. Their charts are all adjusted fine now, except for the 1 month.
I guess it just takes time to sort. I know in the past I’ve written to Google to sort their data out and they’ve admitted issues. I don’t really use it now since they ditched the portfolio tracker.